Do you want to gift your loved one amazon gift card? So that they can celebrate the occasion by doing instant shopping then here you can get the procedure to fulfill your wish. Many people feel stressed to gifting gift to their loved ones; they do not able to understand which one can be best for them, that time this amazon gift card help them to buy anything as per their requirement. Whichever occasion, Amazon is just perfect for everyone, so it is better not to take stress, just leave the choice to your gift recipient. You need to take a few seconds from your busy life and purchase E-Gift Card. After that, please wait to see the happiness of the gift recipient’s face. It is effortless to redeem amazon gift card, gift recipient has to log in to amazon website and purchase the gift whichever he desires. Like this, you can make anyone’s life complete. Amazon gift card is best for gifting on any occasion like anniversary, birthday, festival, etc.

Various number of ways to redeem the Amazon gift card:

  • For redemption of an Amazon gift card, you need to transfer the balance of the gift card to your Amazon account; after that, it is ready to use, anytime you can buy the product.
  • You can also use the gift card when you check-out the product from Amazon.
  • You can offer a digital gift card as a gift that time code will be given to you in your email.

Transfer gift card balance by using Amazon account on

  1. Need to open your web browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. and then open
  2. Sign in then open your account. After that, click on ‘Accounts & Lists’.
  3. On your page, you will find ‘Gift cards’. Need to click on it.
  4. Currently, you are in the gift card balance page; you can see the current account gift amount balance. Click on ‘Redeem a Gift Card’. (Kindly note that: you can even reload your balance by adding funds from your bank account or credit card instead of using gift cards)
  5. You will get a code back of the, card which you can claim, and Amazon will show you how much money is left on your card. Then you need to click on “Apply to your balance” then transfer money to your Amazon account.
  6. Now your gift card balance has updated with your transferred funds. You can use this anytime while purchasing anything from Amazon.

Using the gift card while purchasing the product from

  1. You need to log in site.
  2. Search the item which you want to buy, click ‘Add to Cart’.
  3. If any chance you need more item, then find them and put it to cart. After you finish, click on the shopping cart icon after that ‘Proceed to checkout’.
  4. After you reach the payment method page, you will get the ‘Gift Cards’ option; you need to enter the code there for claiming.
  5. Click on ‘Apply’, then the gift card balance will be taken off as your purchase amount. If your buying price is less and more amount available in gift card then amazon leave out remaining amount to your basket so that you can use that amount for the next time.

The procedure of checking Amazon gift voucher balance to your cell phone by log in

  1. You need to login Amazon account, then you will get three parallel lines on the top left of the screen, then you need to scroll down and then Tap “Your Account”.
  2. You need to click on the Amazon Wallet section then click on “Manage gift card balance”.
  3. You can view your gift card balance and transaction history as soon as the page gets open.


You need to know that Amazon Gift Card valid only for one year from the purchase date or activation. You need to use this within this time limit. Amazon Gift Card only can be used to buy from Amazon; you can not transfer it to cash and also not possible to take it the bank. This amount needs to use to purchase the product from amazon.

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